5 Home Remedies For Acne Scars

5 home remedies for acne scarsZits or acne, a skin condition marked by dead skin cells, bacteria, excess sebum, can lead to scarring especially when not treated early. A scar occurs when there’s too much collagen sent by the body to the skin’s surface for when recovering after a trauma. Use of medication or topical gel with tretinoin is usually prescribed by a skin specialist. Treatment is aimed at lessening the inflammation.

Refrain from picking & squeezing zits, which cause further inflammation and add to discoloration. Note that even if you don’t pick on your acne lesions, scarring may occur because the skin inflammation causes some damage to the collagen. Some individuals with severe acne undergo laser treatment to vaporize the scars left behind. Others opt for filler injections. 

More often than not, mild to moderate acne breakouts that lead to scarring may be resolved with home remedies. Skin lightening products abound in the market, lightening hyperpigmentation. A topnotch lightening cream with vitamin C or Kojic acid can do a good job of lightening acne-affected skin. Quality skin care with cocoa butter may also lighten dark marks on skin.

Some herbs with antibacterial, antiseptic properties can also help ease inflammation and aid in letting acne marks fade away. Aromatherapy oils like chamomile and patchouli oils likewise offer antibacterial benefits while soothing the mental stresses that can aggravate acne. Rubbing olive oil or vitamin E oil into the acne scars around four times daily.When using healing essential oils, just be sure to choose essential oils undiluted by the manufacturer.

Note also that oils left on the skin must be cleansed so as to prevent new acne breakouts. Lavender oil and Rosehip seed oil can also help diminish acne scars and reduce discoloration.

A much-touted home remedy for acne scars is tea tree oil. All you have to do is put a few drops in a cotton ball and dab on your acne-scarred body spots.

To improve your skin’s appearance, you need to nourish your body from within. Drink lots of water, and eat plenty of fresh fruits. Consider the power of juicing (pay particular attention to fruits & juices high in antioxidants) to heal inflamed skin and clear up your complexion in no time at all.

Eating plain yogurt will deliver protein and other essential vitamins and minerals to cleanse the body. Meantime, there are natural skin toners you can find in your pantry to improve skin texture.

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