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Himalayan Salt Lamp Buying Guide

When I first saw Himalayan Salt Table lamps, I thought they were cool. They gave off an orange glow that seems soothing. They made me curious to find out more about them.

In this review, I will present what I discovered about these Himalayan salt table lamps. I’m going to talk about what they are, where they come from, what makes them special and mention a few things about owning them.

What Are They

These are salt crystals which come from the Himalayas. They come in different shapes, weights and sizes. The inside is hollowed, and a small low wattage light bulb is fitted within. They plug into an electrical outlet. Some lamps include a dimmer switch depending on the manufacturer. These lamps are supported by a sturdy base.

One of a Kind

These Salt Crystal table lamps are unique. No lamp will look the same because they are naturally formed and are not man made. The texture, color, feel and weight of each lamp will be different. If you want to display something unique in your home, then the Himalayan salt lamps fulfill this criterion.

Conversation Pieces

These lamps are so unique and look so different from your ordinary table lamps that they become conversation pieces when people see them. It’s hard for people not to notice them and ask what these things are. You’ll have fun talking to people about these lamps and sooner or later they will be asking how they can get one of their own.

Health and Medical Benefits

Many people claim that having these lamps around the home has helped them reduce or eliminate their allergy or asthma problems. They feel the air in their home is cleaner or fresher. Cigarette smoke, pet odors, and other indoor pollution problems have disappeared. People feel that the glow of the light soothes and relaxes them as well.

There isn’t any evidence to prove these claims, but many users believe these crystals have improved their well-being.

User Tips

For those who believe in the air purifying properties of the Himalayan salt lamps, suppliers say 2 lbs. of the salt is enough to purify an area 10 square feet. So a 20 lb. Himalayan salt crystal lamp is big enough to purify the air in a 10′ x 10′ size room. Also, the suppliers recommend leaving the lamp on 24/7 to purify the air.

Some users have noticed moisture on these lamps. The salt attracts moisture in the air. They recommend placing these lamps over a towel and in extreme cases, place them on a shallow tray or pan to catch water drops. Then wipe and drain away the moisture when required. Leaving it on may help reduce the moisture on the surface.

Keep in mind that when you buy these lamps, the weight is quoted as a range. Nature decides how much these lamps will weight. Nature also decides on color, so what you get may differ from any photos.

I’ve presented to you what I’ve discovered about the Himalayan salt table lamp. I talked a little about what they are, where they come from, what is special about them and included a few practical user tips. I hope you found useful information from my article.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are the wonder gifts from nature that have been altered by men to suit their needs. Himalayan Salt lamps come in many different forms nowadays, with the help of powerful cutters and shaping tools. Since they are also used for decorative purposes, these lamps are shaped into many different decorative forms as well. Below are some of the best Himalayan Salt lamps.

WBM Himalayan Glow hand carved Natural Crystal Salt lamp

The Salt lamp is hand carved, and it comes with a Neem base. The Neem wood is famous for being a very durable wood, that can withstand heat and harsh weathers and at the same time remains termite free however old it becomes. There is a small 25Watt bulb fixed inside the lamp. The cord attached is internationally approved. The salt lamp comes in natural color, there has been no tampering with it.

It emits a soft amber glow once the bulb inside the lamp is lit. The dimensions of the salt lamps are , 8-9 inch and 8-11 pounds. The salt lamp ionizes the air and helps in absorbing all the dust particles and harmful substances, releasing water back in the air.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt lamp with Salt chunks in Cylinder design metal basket

The cylinder contains small chunks of Himalayan salt crystals with a small bulb embedded inside. The cylinder comes in different patterns and can be chosen from. The salt lamp can be placed anywhere in the house, be it the living room, dining room or a child’s nursery.

GRDE Himalayan salt lamp, Natural salt crystal Night light

The Night light lamp is an amazing piece that you can easily add to the decor of the house, it comes in different sizes, and shapes, and the best part about these night lights is that they are cordless and can be easily plugged in any sockets. These cordless lamps can be used for passageways and hallways, or a night light for any bedroom or nursery. Works as an air purifier and ionizer.

SMAGREHO Mini Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp night light

The night light comes only in cylindrical shape. Using a salt lamp as a night light can help in getting rid of many germs that might otherwise result in illnesses. The lamp is cordless and comes with a rotating plug that can be plugged into the socket in any direction. It helps in clearing the Natural Allergens from the atmosphere.

Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Spa Style The spa style lamp comes in a very stylish holder and the dimness and brightness of the lamp can be easily maintained through the small touch pad that is provided with it. These salt crystals are specially handpicked for perfect clarity and color and then carved. The lamp helps combat the electromagnetic waves and various radiations and helps the owner sleep peacefully and wake refreshed and energized, because it ionizes the air and gets rid of any harmful substance in air.

LIFE Home Serenity Himalayan Salt LED Lamp

The LED lamp is fixed with energy efficient small leds that help conserve energy and at the same time provide with the right kind of lighting for a Himalayan salt lamp to function properly. This lamp brings purity in the atmosphere at any home where it would be placed.

Fire Bowl Lamp with Rough Salt Chunks & Dimmable Switch

The bowl that is embedded with the bulb is finished and polished, while the chunks placed are rough, this design of the lamp creates a wider impact in the atmosphere as compared to its counterparts. The bulb glow exudes calmness and serenity into any atmosphere where the lamp has been placed.

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