Remove The Unattractive Scalp By Natural Way

remove scalp by natural way

One of the best ways to prevent hair fall is by using oils yet it is not synthetic. Among significant fact of oiling that should be highlighted is it ensures our hair to get enough nutrition thus preventing hair fall.

Main oil that always being used in removing scalp is coconut oils. Coconut has variety of components which could give benefits and even medicinal value.

Here the scalp natural remedies you can do just from your kitchen : 

1. Mix coconut oil with essential oils such as rosemary oil and lavender.

2. Apply it from roots to the tips.

3. In order to stimulate hair growth and add shine to your hair, massage a few drops of this blend into your scalp. As a consequent, hair loss will be slower.

4. By using a hot towel, cover your hair to seal in moisture.

5. Leave it for 30 minutes and clean with shampoo.

As a result of combination carrier and essential oils, our hair will gain enough nourishment to deeply condition the hair for hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft. So, they will not easily break. 

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