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Appetite suppressants play an important role for a person in controlling the diet if you are getting fat and want to control it. If you have planned to shape up your body it is very important to use appetite suppressants.

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This is the only point you need to sit down and relax if you are tired of finding the best appetite suppressants, stop worrying because in this article we have shared top 3 appetite suppressants in 2017  just read this article and you will find the best that suits you most.

You have got high chances of getting more ill if you buy a product without considering its compatibility and therefore it is important for you to find a perfect appetite suppressant that suits you since there are a lot of companies selling their appetite suppressants but by using fake customer reviews. Contact your gym trainer or doctor when choosing the best appetite suppressant because that is the best way and it is better to contact your trainer as they have more knowledge about burning fat.

There is nothing more important than your health and therefore using wrong appetite suppressants is capable of causing serious problems with your health, take care. What follows now is our best appetite suppressants for 2017.

Best OTC Appetite Suppressants

User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
African Mango Extract Cleanse (180 capsules)Made up of African mango seeds; controls body fat, maintains cholesterol; regulates blood pressure, blood sugar & C-reactive proteinGoodHigh3.5 / 5
Cellucor Super HD Powder, Strawberry LemonadeMotivates gym goers; contains 5 calories/ scoop; has all ingredients needed for weight lossGoodMid-Range3.7 / 5
NatureWise CLA 1250Best for managing weight; clinically approved; can be taken while doing regular exercisesOutstandingMid-Range4.5 / 5
PHEN-MAXX 37.5Ensures rapid weight loss of up to 25 lbs in a month’s time; provides maximum strength; clinically proven by doctors - GMP FDA CertifiedGoodMid-Range3.5 / 5
NATURES BURNCan be used by both men and women; burns your body fats & helps suppress appetite; 100% vegetarian & gluten-freeVery GoodMid-Range4.1 / 5
NatureWise Garcinia CambogiaPurely vegetarian; contains around 60% HCA + calcium & potassium; non-stimulating & gluten-freeGoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
FAT BURNER MAXMinimizes food cravings; made from natural ingredients & effective digestive enzymes; clinically proven + GMP/FDA approvedGoodMid-Range3.5 / 5
APIDRENProvides seamless results; helps users achieve goal faster; more popular than other OTC suppressantsGoodMid-Range3.6 / 5
EverPure 5-HTPComes in smaller sizes & without additives; suppresses appetite, sets positive mood, controls emotional eatingVery GoodLow4.1 / 5
Trace Organics Pure ForskolinPerfect to use by men & women; burns fats faster; elements help improve body metabolismGoodMid-Range3.9 / 5

African Mango Extract Cleanse (180 capsules)

This product is made up seeds of African mangoes and therefore this explains why the product is named as African mangoes. A person who takes African mangoes daily controls his/her body fat more compared to the person who doesn’t use it on the daily basis. This product helps a lot in maintaining your cholesterol, blood pressure, C-reactive protein and blood glucose. This product had been used by many people and nobody has ever given a bad feedback about it. Take the pills before eating if you are hungry because it manages your hunger. This product can be purchased from eBay.

Cellucor Super HD Powder, Strawberry Lemonade

All you need is to take super HD powder daily and you will notice the change in your body within few days. This is a great product that gives people energy to do things perfectly. It motivates you a lot and as well as it helps you a lot in the gym and after a few days, you will confirm that you are burning fat at a fast rate. Are you wondering whether this product contains high calories? The answer is that it contains 5 calories per scoop. Super HD powder contains all ingredients necessary for losing weight. This product can be purchased from GNC.

NatureWise CLA 1250

If you are getting fat, don’t worry because you have the best product ever for managing your weight and which is NatureWise CLA 1250. This product has been clinically approved for losing weight but it is very important to use this product along with doing regular exercises.

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is popular among fitness and nutritionists due to its quick body fat losing ability. The working of your muscles is improved to a great extent by CLA. If you are fat and want to enjoy your life in this world just purchase this product from IHERB and start working on your body.


If you are searching for the best OTC appetite suppressants, you should opt for the PHEN-MAXX 37.5. Approved by most of the practitioners, it comes with the most effective appetite suppressants and ensures rapid weight loss (up to 25 pounds in a month). Simple and best product to lose weight within budget. It not only helps you losing weight but also provides the maximum strength to your body keeping you active and equally energetic. This product has been clinically proven by doctors as one of the best OTC appetite suppressants around the globe and is GMP FDA Certified.


Natures Burn is among the best OTC appetite suppressants for both men and women. Along with burning your body fats, it helps you in suppressing your appetite to an extended level while improving your energy level. Natures Burn is 100% vegetarian and is gluten-free, and is a must buy!

NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia

This is one of the best OTC appetite suppressants available! Purely vegetarian, it comes in a bottle of 180 capsules that contains around 60% HCA with calcium and potassium. NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia can be your ideal partner to lose body weight only with natural supplements. It is non-stimulating and gluten-free.


Fat Burner Max is one of the best OTC appetite suppressants to minimize your food cravings! Comprising of natural ingredients and extremely effective digestive enzymes, it works faster on the body and helps to remove harmful substances or toxins at a faster pace. It is clinically proven and is GMP/FDA approved. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee with every Fat Burner Max bottle.


If you have tried losing weight with other OTC appetite suppressant but is still to see the results, you must try Apidren! One of the best OTC appetite suppressants available, it shows seamless results and helps you achieve your goal faster than other OTC appetite supplements. it shows seamless results and helps you achieve your goal faster than other OTC appetite supplements.

EverPure 5-HTP

EverPure 5-HTP is among the best OTC appetite suppressants across the globe. Compared to other similar suppressants, it comes in a smaller size with no additives. Since its building blocks comprise serotonin, it can help you in suppressing appetite, setting a positive mood, controlling emotional eating, and several other such factors. Get 5-HTP today to lose weight in healthy ways.

Trace Organics Pure Forskolin

Ideal for both men and women, Trace Organics Pure Forskolin is the best OTC appetite suppressant that helps in burning fats faster. Its constituent elements will help improve your body’s metabolism. If planning for the best deals on OTC supplement, this product should be a definite buy for you!


This was our list of top 3 appetite suppressants and if you feel you have any question regarding these products, feel free to ask your question and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.

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