Best Yoga DVD For Beginners (7 Best For Getting Started)

A thoughtful, insightful, honest, and well-written beginners yoga DVD review will help you make up your mind about your practice of yoga before it guides your choice of the best beginners’ yoga DVD for you.

Are you sure you want a beginner’s yoga DVD?

Are you sure you want to begin the practice of yoga? Yoga does wonderful things for your body, mind, and spirit, but it will not shred and striate your muscles in the next month. Yoga will stretch, strengthen, and tone all your major muscles, but the practice of yoga may never burn enough calories for you to shed a single pound. Yoga will develop your self-control, body awareness, and grace, teaching you to move languidly and fluidly. Yoga never will increase your vertical leap, help you throw a ball faster, or fire-up your bat speed. Because yoga leads to union with the divine and eternal life in all things, it will contribute to your sense of calm contentment. Frankly, if you want to become a tougher, more intense competitor, yoga probably lives at the antipodes of what you want. So, are you sure that you want a beginner’s DVD?

Yoga numbers among the world’s very few zero-impact exercises. Practicing yoga, you always move, touch, flex, stretch, contract and expand gently, breathing into your emotions and feeling each movement practically down to the fire of each tiny synapse. The practice of yoga packs no punch. It does, however, hold tremendous power. So, are you sure you really and truly want a DVD for yoga?

What to do with a beginners yoga DVD review

If zero-impact, slow and deliberate stretching and strengthening sound good to you, let a proper beginners yoga video review guide you to the video that will fire your enthusiasm for yoga, making you eager to continue your practice day by day and pose by pose. A good beginner yoga video review, naturally, will summarize the video’s contents-how many workouts for how long with what kind of emphasis, and all the usual stuff you need to know. A good review, however, will focus on both the video’s continuity and its evolution; because, as you get stronger and evolve from practice to practice, you want to feel as though you resume where you left-off. You also want to have a feeling that you end each practice a little more powerful and proficient than where you began. Your reviewer will assess that stuff.

A good DVD for beginners review also will evaluate the video’s mood and tone. Some beginner yoga DVDs have exactly the right content developed in exactly the right sequence, yet they seem so shrill and annoying no one can survive even the first twenty minutes of the two-hour disc. Some beginner yoga DVDs have all the best visuals and none of the right audio. Hip-hop music and proper yoga practice do not mix. A good DVD review will look for harmony among all the workouts elements.

When you finish a good beginners yoga review, you should feel confident you want to pursue your practice of yoga, and you should feel equally confident you know which beginners yoga DVD will guide you.

Top 7 Best Yoga DVDs For Beginners

1. Yoga Over 50

Yoga Over 50 is specifically designed for the benefit of older people. For that reason, if you’re middle-aged or getting old and feel like you’re losing grip of time, all is not lost. You still have the opportunity of granting yourself a rejuvenating experience, thanks to Yoga Over 50!You can, therefore, get your body in shape with amazing health. Once you watch the DVD, you’ll learn how to go about the yoga exercise gently with modified techniques, so you evade complications like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

2. Yoga for Beginners

As it sounds, this DVD is particularly meant for newbies in the Yoga endeavor, who still taste the waters. At an affordable price, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from insightful instructions from an experienced personality on how to best optimize your energy to spice up your life through the yoga. Also, you’ll learn how to stick to your schedule by observing the timelines and health goals. It’s certainly worth the shot!

3. The Biggest Loser: The Workout Weight Loss Yoga

If you’re earnestly passionate about the idea of losing weight, then this is your best catch! Finally, this DVD will come in handy to lift off the burden you’ve been grappling with for a long time.If you passionately dive headlong into the endeavor, you’ll achieve your desires within a short timeframe.

Once you make the decision of hastily attaining the DVD, you’ll be well instructed by Instructor Bob Harper, who will take you through the weight loss movements as well as the completion with the weights to lift so you cut out on excessive body weight.Once you go for this, all you’ll do is marvel afterward.

4. Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga

Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga is pivotal to Yoga enthusiasts, following its provision of a 5-day routine session, each running for 20 minutes throughout the week under instructor Rodney Yee. This DVD is versatile, owing to its applicability to beginners and pros of the game. It’s pricey so ensure you don’t miss out!

5. Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40’s-70’s)

The Gentle Yoga is yet another formidable video in matter Yoga practices. Designed for people between ages 40 and 70, it is ideal when it comes to the restoration of energy and alleviating stress. Additionally, it also offers very much in the way of improving balance and boosting core strength as well. The instructor clearly illuminates the procedure so you don’t miss the mark.

6. Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

This incredibly amazing DVD is directed by the creative Bob Harper. Unlike most Yoga routines, Yoga for the Warrior comes into the picture uniquely. During the routines, you’ll be expected to perform more vigorous exercises with the ultimate aim of empowering your physical and emotional being as well. It boosts heart function and results in weight loss also. This DVD is certainly exceptional.

7. A.M Yoga for Your Week

A.M Yoga for the week DVD is ideal for both men and women alike. At am affordable, you’ll have direct access to great tutorials taking 20 minutes each where you’ll be instructed on how to go about your routine.

First, you’ll learn how to meditate and how to concentrate on the breathing aspect to make it a success. Once you attain the DVD, you’ll have the opportunity of attaining the guide effortlessly so you glean more pivotal information. The DVD is undeniably worthwhile!

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