The Amazing Usage Of Ginger Tea To Lose Weight

ginger tea to lose weight

Ginger tea is prepared from it fresh roots and help increase your metabolism level. Ginger tea also has negative calorie and can be used as food flavor. It’s not enough to use ginger tea alone to lose weight, but its effectiveness is level up if used along with a sensible diet and regular exercise.

Many research found that ginger tea help as a natural remedy for a wide variety of digestive orders especially gastric and vomiting. It is also known as it cures for cold and cough. The Netherlands, Maastricht University also found caffeine in ginger tea helps to lose weight. Popular with the name edible amphetamine, ginger tea enhances thermogenesis and curbs hunger pangs. Keeping hunger under control is one of the essential parts to help you lose weight.

How To Use Ginger Tea to Lose Weight Naturally

A 240 ml cup of ginger tea serves about 10 calories. You can prepare this tea directly by using its root or just by adding dried ginger powder.

How to Prepare Ginger Tea from Ginger Root or Dried Ginger Powder

Ginger Root – 2 inch long, peeled and grated or ½ tablespoon dried ginger powder
Water – 250ml
Honey (optional just for taste)

  1. Heat water until it boil
  2. Add ginger root or ginger powder and simmer for 5 minutes
  3. Strain and add honey if you wish
  4. Drink the water

How Does Ginger Tea Help You To Lose Weight?

Here’s a list of what ginger tea does for you, helping you in losing weight:

1. Boost Your Digestive Power

Ginger tea boosts your digestive power potential. It curbs the appetite and keeps the cholesterol level under control. By drinking a cup of ginger tea every day, it helps prevent you from bloating and stimulate the digestive system.

2. Regulates Your Cortisol Level

Cortisol is a hormone that induces the stress. It is one of the major that trigger your unbeautiful belly fat. Scientist from Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin found that ginger tea can inhibit the synthesis of cortisol.

3. Level up Your Energy

This drink endows your body energy level. The higher the energy, the better your mood is. In turn, your desire to exercise also increase, thus help you to burn more calories to lose weight. Just drink a cup of ginger tea 15 minutes before your workout session to boost your calorie burn process.

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