3 Best Drinks for Your Belly Fat

Best Drinks for Your Belly Fat

Everybody wants a flat belly. Some people even go through surgeries just to get rid of their flabby bellies. Belly fat is considered to be the most difficult to shed. Did you know that you can drink your way to a flat belly? No, you should not stay out every night drinking with your friends. You should consider drinking these best drinks for your belly fat.

Most fitness websites will advise you to drink a lot of water. Although water might make you feel bloated, it actually helps you cleanse your system of unwanted fat and toxins. You have to understand that the human body is made up of 70% water. You lose water due to stress and natural excretory functions such as sweating and urinating. 

When you do are not properly hydrated, your energy level decreases and you tend to crave for sugary food and beverages to pump you back up. Everyone knows what excess sugar does. It gives you more fat. The best way to replace lost fluid is to drink plain water.   

To make water more interesting, you can put a little flavor into it. Don’t reach for that packet of commercial juice powder. You can add flavor to your water using natural ingredients.  Try adding slices of lime or lemon. You can also put cucumber slices into your water for a refreshing drink. 

You Can Try Put Herbs Too

Put basil or mint leaves in a pitcher, muddle it a bit to extract the juices, and then pour ice and water into it.  Stir it a bit and leave it for a few minutes before you drink it.  The benefits of water plus the healthy enzymes in the fruits and vegetables that you add to it will work hand in hand in reducing your belly fat.

You may substitute tea with water. Just pick out an herbal tea variant that has cleansing effects.  The most popular variants are those with honey and lemongrass. Tea is naturally an antioxidant and can be considered one of the best drinks for your belly fat. 

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