The Best Way Of Abdominal Exercises With Ball

Abdominal Exercises with Ball

It is frustrating for many to look at themselves in the mirror and see their mid-section bulging like a lifesaver around their waists.  Choosing clothes to wear also becomes challenging when you have to hide your belly. 

If you really want to get rid of that unsightly bulge, all you need is the willingness to set aside a few minutes of your time each day and the commitment to do abdominal exercises with ball.  Through this kind of workout, you’d be enjoying a smaller tummy in no time.

 A good exercise to start with is the ball crunch.  This is one of the abdominal exercises that will really work your core. You can start by : 

  1. Lying on your back with the ball under your lower back
  2. Put your hands behind your ears and do your crunches by rolling your shoulder blades upward while contracting your abdominal muscles
  3. Hold each crunch for a few minutes and slowly go back to your starting position 

It is advisable to keep your eyes on the ceiling instead of on your knees to prevent neck straining.  

You can also try the ball reverse crunch. With this exercise, you lie on your back on the floor.  Position the ball between your legs so that your hamstrings are pressed against it.  With both of your arms fully extended, begin by squeezing the ball using both your legs. Then, try rolling your knees in the direction of your head and rolling it back after a quick pause. If you don’t want to experience a strained neck, you should simply look up and not on the ball.

 It’s fairly easy to perform abdominal exercises with ball, as long as you have the time and a bit of motivation to do them. These exercises can effectively tone your abdominal muscles without putting too much stress on your body. 


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