Best Body Shapers (8 Options For Shapely Curves In 2017)

3 Questions to Think About When Buying a Body Shaper

Not every woman has the body of a Kardashian, but you should get to feel like one when dressing for a big night out, special event, or opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes it is impossible to achieve the perfect silhouette with exercise and diet alone. This is where body shapers come in the picture.

Like any product, some are just better, and while price can be a good indication of the overall tucking and hugging quality of a brand or style of a body shaper, it is not the only thing that matters when shopping for a new body shaper.

What Are You Wearing on Top?

As with all undergarments, finding the right body shaper is partly about how it works with your clothing. For instance, a lacey body shaper may not suit a sleek dress or a short skirt may not cover a full-body body shaper. However, you may not want to end up with a drawer filled with different sizes and styles of body shapers.

So, if you are out to purchase only one body shaper to fit many different outfits and events, go for something more minimal. One incredible option is the Firm Control Thong from DuMi 586. It is reasonable in price and fits more like panties than a body shaper, which is perfect for any type of outfit.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Body shapers come in a range of prices and can cost anywhere from $15 to $500, depending on the brand and style. Most women go for options that are priced from $30 to $50. Body shapers that are cheaper are usually not designed to last. As well, anything more expensive does not give the purchaser a good bang for her buck.

Of course, there are exceptions on both ends of the price spectrum. The Flexees Sensual Shapes are fantastic options with a very affordable price tag, while the Spanx line of body shapers demands a higher price on brand name alone. Although the glowing reputation of Spanx is well deserved.

Where Will Your Night End?

This might seem like an odd question when talking about buying body shapers, yet for many women, it is one of the most important. If someone else is going to see what is underneath that stunning dress or awesome playsuit, it should be something attractive. Which, in many instances, body shapers are best when hidden from the judgmental eyes of men.

However, the Yummie by Heather Thompson is an exception. It is a body shaper that looks like the sexiest piece of lingerie in your drawer. This is a beauty and built to last, who wouldn’t swoon for that combination?

Another great option for those who need a body shaper that looks like a sexy little number is the Myleene Klass Swirl Embroidery Control Body. This one is sophisticated in style and designed with the details in mind.

These life-changing undergarments are the corsets of the 21st century. The unique, spandex material hugs, tucks, and confines any extra weight that a healthy lifestyle can’t tackle. The result is a more sleek and polished look, and the confidence to boot. Any woman will feel fitter and sexier with one underneath her dress.

8 Best Body Shapers

Most of us full figured women are not ashamed of our natural curves – whether it be in the butt, breasts, hips or waist. However, that doesn’t mean that we too don’t need a quick nip and tuck every now and then when it comes to looking extra cute in a particular outfit. This is why I love all types of plus size body shapers. Not every brand provides them, but the ones that do have designed them just right!

With measurements of 41-35-46 and 5 ft 8 inches, I am definitely a curvy woman, so no spandex in the world is powerful enough to completely hide my derrière (not that I’d want to) or give me a teeny 24-inch waist. But (and this is a big but), the many types of body shapers for plus size women are perfect for reducing inches off every part of your body you need it most – giving you the figure of a plus size Gisele!

So here’s an overview of the different types of best body shapers and what they do:

1. Tummy Control Shapers: These body shapers drastically reduce the size of your stomach, giving the appearance of a flat tummy under your clothes.

2. Bodysuits: These are also known as one-piece body shapers. Bodysuits start from the breast and control all the way to your knees!

3. Body Briefers: These also contour the torso, starting from the breasts, down to the stomach, waist, hips, and derrière.

4. Leg and Thigh Shapers: These are perfect for smoothing and slenderizing the thighs and/or calves. You can wear these under trousers or jeans and still feel comfortable.

5. Panty Girdles: These shape your bottom, hips, and waist, giving you the perfect proportions for a sexy tight skirt.

6. Shapewear Camisole: A lightweight control tank, these are designed to be worn all day smooth under your top

7. Padded Panties: Like the name suggests, padded panties work by turning a potentially sagging, somewhat out of shape flat bottom, into a perky, bootylicious peach.

8. Waist Cinchers: This shaper is perfect for trimming that waist by inches and flattening that stomach, giving you an hourglass figure

As you can see there is a wide variety of shapewear to choose from that cater to your every need. Plus size body shapers usually go up to a size 5XL and in many colors. When purchasing shapewear, be sure to by the size that you currently are and not the size you would like to be. This will allow you the comfort to wear your undergarment all day and still achieve a more streamlined silhouette.

To prolong the life of your body shapers, it is best to wash them inside a mesh bag when using a washing machine or hand wash in mild detergent and never ever use bleaching products. Never use the dryer to dry your shaper; just simply hang it. It is also advised that you should not wear gels or creams while you wear shapers. It would also be good to wear these shapers from the bottom up and un-wear them from the top down, which will help you minimize stretching of the product.

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