How To Get Rid Of Bacne

Acne problems don’t occur only on your face.  They can also bother you in a hard to reach area like your back.  Back acne or bacne, has the same causes as facial acne, pores clogged by bacteria, dirt or sweat.  When the pores produce too much oil which then interact with dirt, they become inflamed and cause breakouts.  These result to pimples, pustules, blackheads and even cystic acne.  However, the pores on our back are larger than those on our face, with a greater tendency for clogging, so it’s ideal to utilize a different treatment method.  When trying to heal back acne, the first thing to remember is to make sure you avoid clothes that rub against your back too much which can aggravate your skin condition.         

Here are some of the best ways to eliminate bacne:

1. Cleanse from the inside out

Acne is caused by several factors including hormones.  Fortunately, you can adopt certain lifestyle changes especially in the area of nutrition to help regulate your body’s production of hormones, detoxify your body and clear your acne.  To support the body’s healing and combat free radicals, eat more foods rich in antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, D and E.  Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and drink more water to flush out toxins.  Supplements are also available that have been specially formulated for acne treatment.  Try supplements high in probiotics, vitamin B and zinc.  These will help heal acne not just on your back but all over your face and body.   

2.  Wash

To make sure your skin is clean and free from bacteria, always wash your body well daily especially if you’ve had an active day or if you’ve been exercising.  Don’t delay washing up either.  Be sure to change your clothes after every work out session as well.  The longer you wait, the more time the bacteria will have to thrive on your back because the sweat that sticks to your clothes will mingle with the dirt and oil from your back to cause breakouts.  The kind of body wash you use is also important.  Pick an antibacterial cleanser that targets acne or one that has PH balancing properties. 

3.  Exfoliate

Aside from washing regularly with a special body wash, use a body scrub once a week to rub off stubborn dirt and dead skin cells.  Exfoliating is important especially for those with acne because it can open clogged pores and remove old skin to reveal new unblemished skin underneath.  However, make sure that the body scrub you use is not too harsh.  Don’t scrub your back roughly either or your skin will become dry.  Just like your face, use gentle rubbing motions together with a shower sponge.  Salicylic-based scrubs are excellent options as anti-acne solutions for your back. 

4.  Use oatmeal

For a more natural treatment, try an oatmeal soak.  Oatmeal has always been recommended for its ability to absorb excess oil from the skin and regulate the production of sebum.  This natural skin solution helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin and even soothe inflammation and reduce swelling.  Try grinding the oatmeal and then placing it inside a clean sock.  Then place the sock in your bathwater to infuse the water with oatmeal.  Another alternative is to prepare and cook oatmeal, then allow it to cool, and afterwards massage on to your back.  Let it stay there for several minutes before rinsing.

5. Try lemon juice and honey

Lemons and other citrus fruits are known for their antioxidant abilities.  Citric acid can eradicate bacteria to treat breakouts.  It has a tendency to dry out skin, however, so you can safely balance this with honey.  Since honey has a calming effect on the skin as well, this combination will double the antibacterial action on your acne and then help facilitate healing.  Mix the lemon juice with honey and then apply over the acne on your back.  Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off.        

6.  Harness the power of tea tree oil

Another natural treatment method is to use an essential oil famous for its antiseptic potency.  Tea tree oil is also used as an ingredient in many anti-acne products.  It’s highly effective but it’s also not a good idea to dab it straight on your acne.  You can dilute this with another essential oil before dabbing it on your spots.  It’s likely difficult, however, to reach all areas of your back by yourself so you can also try using this in the form of a spray.  Mix several drops of tea tree oil with water to make it easier to spritz on your back. 

7.  The soothing benefits of aloe vera

Aloe vera has many uses and one of its greatest benefits is to support the healing of cuts and skin problems.  It also soothes the skin and lessens inflammation.  With continued use, it can even moisturize and smooth your skin as well as lighten and diminish acne scars.  If you can’t get pure, fresh aloe vera from a leaf, the next best form of aloe vera for back acne is the gel type.  It’s best to apply the aloe vera before bedtime so it can have time to work on your skin overnight.  Before application, clean your back with a body wash first.  Then smear a thin layer of gel on your acne and allow it to dry before putting on your clothes.               

8.  The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar

The acid in vinegar is effective for fighting against bacteria and the strength of apple cider vinegar is additionally increased because it came from highly nutritious apples.  Organic apple cider vinegar has many uses both for cleaning the household and cleansing the skin.  ACV is known to help regulate the skin’s PH content.  This is why ACV is able to successfully treat various skin problems including breakouts and acne.  To make an apple cider vinegar mixture for your bacne, dilute the apple cider vinegar with water, transfer it to spray bottle and squirt some on your back.  Give it several minutes to work before rinsing it off. 

9.  Cover it up with makeup

If we use concealers and foundation to hide the flaws, discolorations and scars on our face, why not use it to mask the blemished on other exposed parts of our body?  If you’re going to wear clothes that will show your back, as a last resort, you can always use makeup and tanning products to cover your acne.  Similar to foundation, the product needs to have a similar skintone as your back.  You can also find products specially made for the body and for treating acne.  Be sure, however, to thoroughly wash off the product before bedtime.        

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