3 Wisdom Teeth Removal Food You Can Eat

3 wisdom teeth removal you can eat

Removing your wisdom tooth is one of the most painful experiences any person can have. While a lot of people make the effort to avoid it, there’s always the huge potential of going for the surgical removal of any or maybe even all four wisdom teeth located at the farthermost ends of the jaws. Because wisdom tooth removal is such an extensive dental surgery, recovery can take a while to complete. During this time, what you can eat is extremely limited. Fortunately, you can still eat stuff even while your jaw is on the mend. Here is some of the best wisdom teeth removal food out there.

1. Porridge

These are one of the most popular foods prescribed for those who just had a tooth removed. Can be made out of rice or oats, they are warm which helps in soothing an ailing stomach due to the difficulty of eating. Also, because its contents are soft, eating porridge requires very little or no chewing, which means less aggravation to your injured mouth. Best of all, porridge is filling and can be flavored in different ways.

2. Yogurt

This is one of the most recommended wisdom teeth removal food by dental professionals. Yogurt is exceptionally nutritious, which is a must, given that you can only stuff a limited amount of food at any given time during the recovery process. It also provides an abundance of good bacteria, which helps in digestion and absorption of food.

3. Fruits

Soft fruits such as grapes and banana can be consumed as they are. However, it is highly recommended that they must be crushed or pureed so you won’t have to chew them up. They can also be transformed into liquid form by either juicing them or transforming them into smoothies. Not only does it serve as great refreshment, but the vitamins present in fruits can help immensely in the healing process.

4. Soup

There are different kinds of soups that you’ll definitely enjoy consuming as your mouth recovers from wisdom tooth surgery. While most soups can be prescribed for anyone who just got their teeth removed, it is best to resort to smooth soups without anything solid in it if you just got off surgery. Not only are some soups remarkably healthy, but they can also be both tasty and filling.

 Wisdom teeth removal food abound out there. It’s just up to you to choose which ones are you willing and able to prepare.  

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