5 Amazing Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

Foods-That-Will-Boost-Your-Mood.jpgAre you feeling down and blue? Is all the stress taking a toll on you?  Cut the drama out and grab a chocolate or any one of the foods listed here.  To change your mood, munch on these 5 foods to boost your mood:

1. Dark chocolates

This one is most probably not new to you anymore. Dark chocolates are very well known as a food that changes one’s mood (in a positive way). Whenever you’re sad or depressed, eating some will greatly lift your spirits up as they are proven effective in reducing stress hormones.

This is because chocolates stimulate your brain to produce endorphins, the brain chemicals that reduce one’s perception of stress. The antioxidants they contain are also responsible for its stress-relieving properties. Thanks to these substances they contain, you can enjoy its delicious taste as your stresses go away.

2. Teas

If it seems like your brain is not functioning well, then teas might be the key to fixing that head of yours. With the theanine present in them, they are proven to set one’s mind into the state of alertness.

This thus makes one more attentive and focused. Just drink five to six cups of tea daily, and you will feel your mind’s knots being untied.

3. Fish

Eating fatty fish several times a week will give you omega-3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are classified as essential ones since the body doesn’t produce them on its own. Being rich in them poses a lower risk of having depression as they pose positive effects when it comes to mood swings.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Not only are these foods good for your health, but they are also proven to be some of the most effective foods to boost your mood. It is all because of the anti-oxidants they contain that reduces the risks of depression. Aside from that, these nutrient-packed foods also contain a variety of vitamins with some being known to have an impact on mood changes.

5. Coconuts

With just a scent of this drupe, one’s fight-or-flight response is found to be greatly boosted. With their pleasant smell, they improve one’s alertness while easing and managing his response to pressure and anxiety.

They contain various nutrients that can help you have a lower risk of having depression too. Aside from that, coconuts also contain a combination of fiber and protein that causes people who eat it feel good. Their oil also contains healthy fats that have been proven to increase good cholesterol in the body. 

Image: Pixabay.com

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