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Have you ever feel your belly is freaking bloated, gas and immediate diarrhea after consuming dairy products? If yes, you might suffering lactose intolerance.

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is a condition when a person cannot digest lactose which found in dairy products. Lactose is a natural sugar which comprised in milk and dairy products. It is a combination of monosaccharides which are glucose and galactose. When lactose moves through the large intestine without properly digested, it may cause uncomfortable effects to stomach. The most significant part which contributes to lactose intolerance is small intestine. It is found that small intestine cannot produce enough lactase (an enzyme) to digest lactose into glucose and galactose. Our large intestine can only adsorb small molecules like monosaccharides, so when lactose is not digested, it can cause problems to our tummy.  



Who may suffering lactose intolerance?

Adults is common in lactose intolerance. Usually, it occurs more often in Native Americans and people of Asian, African and South American. However in some cases, premature babies may suffer lactose intolerance too because they are not yet able to synthesize lactase. Lactose intolerance can be a permanent or temporary effects but it depends on individual resistance.


Those who are suffering lactose intolerance should avoid from consuming dairy products. However, they can consume those products with lactase included. It may help small intestine to digest lactose. 

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