5 Amazing Benefits of the “Super food” Beet Juice

 benefits of beet juice

Since the Roman times, beets have been widely used as remedies for some simple diseases. Nowadays, it has been classified as one of the “superfoods” in the nutritional terminology. If you’re wondering what its benefits are, read on as five of the several beet juice health benefits are revealed in this list:

1. Beet juice as a stamina booster

The nitrates that are naturally occurring in beets are the ones that bring about this benefit. As they are converted into nitric oxide in your body, they tend to reduce the oxygen used for both low and high-intensity activities. This thus boosts one’s stamina and allows him to do more activities than he normally does.

2. Beet juice as a blood pressure regulator

Again, the nitrate-nitric oxide conversion is the reason beet juice has this benefit.  As nitric oxide signals the surrounding smooth muscles and blood vessels to dilate to increase blood flow. This therefore leads to a better blood pressure.

3. Beet juice as an inflammation fighter

Beet contains a great amount of two beneficial nutrients, namely betaine and betalain. These nutrients are known to be powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification substances. They also greatly enhance your body’s performance and protect it from environmental stress.

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4. Beet juice as a fighter for several diseases

One of the greatest benefits beet juice has to offer is its capability of fighting or reversing several chronic diseases. For example, with the betacyanin that it contains, formation of cancerous tumors is prevented. With this same nutrient, your body is also cleansed from all the harmful toxins that pose dangerous risks in your health.  Some of the other diseases that it is known to effectively fight are: anemia, skin problems, kidney stones, liver complications, visual problems, arthritis, varicose veins, and heart diseases.

5. Beet juice as a nutrition-packed drink

Beet juice contains countless nutrients and vitamins that have different favorable effects on your body. It is rich in folic acid and manganese that prevent birth defects and give one a healthy bone structure respectively. It is also rich in other vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, as well as in other essential minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium.

With the five beet juice health benefits listed here, you will surely be convinced as to why beet juice is considered as a “superfood.” The great variety of health benefits it provides just shows it deserves to be called one. However, be mindful to drink it sparingly as it possesses a high level of carbohydrates which can convert into excess sugars.

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