5 Essential Tips To Stay Healthy and Make Your Life Happier

5 tips to stay healthy and happier

Health is wealth. You may be heard this statement several times before. But most of us not really aware what it literal means. This statement tells us that, no matter how rich are you with properties, money, you are nothing without a healthy body and mind.

Nowadays, it’s normal to hear a wealthy person suffering from overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many unknown diseases. And also, it included our self as normal people. This has happened because of our lifestyle. What’s the point if you afford to go to the 5 star hotel, but what you can do is just see other peoples eat.

Therefore, staying healthy is a must even you do not have a lot of money. Because your health determines your happiness. Here are the compilation of simple, but best tips you can follow to stay healthy and happy.

Best Health Tips for You: Just 5 Simple Tips You Have To Follow!

1. Take Care of Food You Eat

Please. Please and please.. Please avoid any unhealthy food especially that is high in calories. They will slowly take an effect on your health and leading to weight gain and heart diseases. You can replace it with seasonal fruits.

These fruits are rich in vitamin, mineral, fibers and proteins. But, nobody asks you ban those delicious deserts. You can consume it, but with a little moderation as long as it’s not disturb your point to stay healthy.

2. Make breakfast a compulsory for you

Never ever skip your breakfast. This lead to decreasing of metabolic rate, weight gain and digestion problem. Breakfast help you to stay focused, increases concentration and controls your weight.

3. Balanced Diet

Including proteins, minerals, vitamins, irons, calcium and carbs in your daily diet is very necessary. All these can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, lean meat and much more. Just refer to pyramids of food for your guidance.

4. Exercise

Make exercise as your daily routine. You can jog, walk, and do a workout. Anything which makes you use more energy to work. This is good to regulate your heart and also your body. By exercising in the morning, it helps you not to feel lazy during that day. Exercise also improves blood circulation and give you a stronger body and mind.

5. Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking ruins your health. It’s hardly about the issue of time, earlier or later. Smoking will result with cancer, lung diseases and heart problems. While, alcohol reduces the number of white blood cells. Therefore, weakens your immunity systems.

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