Can’t Sleep? Here 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

7 reasons you can't sleep

Sleep is one of the most important daily activities for us, human. If you have trouble sleeping, your life that day feels messy and cozy. Getting enough sleep has many important benefits to our body, such as keep you slim, reduce heart disease risk and prevent stroke.

If you can’t sleep, please don’t blame insomnia or stress first because there are many reasons which may be the culprits. And all the culprits can be overcome by yourself and maybe you have to change your habit. Here the list of  7 reasons you can’t sleep :

1. You go to the bed with electronics gadget

Updating and scrolling the news feed of your Facebook and Pinterest by using your tablet and handset will trick your brain. Light from electronic gadget is troublesome because it mimics sunlight. Thus, your brain still thinking that it’s still day reduces the production of melatonin, which essential to make you feel sleepy. This will disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm. Simply put away your electronic devices 20 minutes before going to bed. This will help you to get enough sleep.

2. You ate too late        

Some of you may have a habit of late-night eating. Late-eating can cause digestion problems and keep you awake at night. If you can’t put away this habit, replace a heavy meal with a light carbohydrate snack or you can simply reschedule your eating time.

3. You exercise too late

Please do not exercise 3 hours before you go to bed. This will overstimulate your metabolism and raise your heart beat rate. Your body will feel restlessness and frequent awakenings all night. What you can do is try to exercise in the morning or late afternoon.

4. Your room temperature too warm

Our body and brain needs to cool down during sleep and surrounding temperature play an important role. But, please don’t get too cold because it will disturb your sleep as well. The best option is by using the fan as its cool and produce a consistent level of temperature for you.

5. You choose the wrong drink

Try to drink any caffeine beverages 3 to 5 hours before you sleep. This is because caffeine half-life is 5 hours. Caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks will trigger the insomnia. Limit all these beverages as much as possible. A cup of coffee in the morning is enough for you.

6. You’re a fan of naps

You like to sleep at midday or post work nap. Just a 30 minutes nap every day is enough for you. If you think, your nap disrupts your bedtime, try to reschedule your nap time as early as possible.

7. Getting up to watch TV until you’re sleepy

This is the worst idea for a several reasons. Watching TV stimulates your brain activity which is against what you really want. Besides, TV emit light same like your electronic devices (see #1 above).

Do all these tips to increase the quality of your sleep. For those people who afraid of dark rooms, try to overcome your issue before it becomes worse. Remember to put away all the electric gadget you have, 20 minutes before you sleep. It’s not only helping you to get sleep, but also a quality sleep.

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