9 Effective Herbs for Sprain Treatments

Herbs for Sprain Treatments

Sprains can be caused by a number of accidents.  People who get sprained usually consult their physicians for medical treatment. Pain relief is one of the first concerns when it comes to sprains.

The joints will then have to be immobilized to prevent overexertion. The sprained area can be bruised, swollen, and very painful.  If untreated and in severe cases, it can lead to permanent injury.  While it is necessary to go for medical treatment, there are also herbs for sprain treatments that can be used.

Clove, ginger, hyssop, licorice, arnica, witch hazel, lavender, marjoram and turmeric are the best herbs for sprain treatments.  These are also used to relieve and cure muscle problems.  These herbs are prepared in different ways and applied to the affected area.  

Clove herb is made into poultice.  Ginger paste is made by rubbing dry ginger in water and used as a painkiller. You can also steep Hyssop herb in boiling water for treating black eyes, burns, bruises and wounds. 

Marjoram oil is extracted and it is also used for paralysis.  Cabbage can be also used for muscle sprain by taking out the outer layer and warming it with water then using it as a bandage.

Some of these can be taken internally. You can drink ginger tea once a day until the sprain heals. Arnica also comes as tablets that can be taken for pain relief and healing. Also among herbs for sprain that can be taken internally is the Gotu Kola. 

It can be made into tea or capsules. Gotu Kola is also used for healing wounds, fever, congestion, herpes, snakebite, epilepsy, rheumatism, syphilis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and birth control (women do not get pregnant when it is used in a regular basis).

Oatstraw is also taken internally by drinking one or two cups a day.  It is gentle and helps in repairing broken tissue.    

The choice of herbal sprain treatment usually depends on the availability of herbs in a person’s locations. Some of these herbs are grown and only found in Africa, for example. 

Drinking plenty of water with a dash of lemon (or drinking orange juice) and using hot or cold packs is advisable for people with sprain injury. Also, wrapping the affected area and resting well will help hasten the recovery time. 

Everyone should follow a proper diet of eating fruits and vegetables (especially bananas). Drinking milk before sleeping is also recommended to strengthen the bones. Maintaining a good posture and ideal weight is also necessary to reduce the risks of getting sprained.

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