The Effective Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Home Remedies for Sore Throat


If you are feeling the symptoms of a sore throat or you are already down with one, make sure to follow these easy and simple home remedies for sore throat. They may not cure the sickness right away but they will definitely help in offering quick comfort and faster recovery.

One of the most commonly used sore throat natural treatment is a warm water and honey gargling solution.  Another alternative is mixing ginger and lemon in warm water.  You can also use salt and warm water as your gargling solution.  These solutions kill whatever bacteria has grown in your throat that’s causing it to be sore.  You can gargle with these anti-bacterial solutions as frequent as you wish.

A more potent formula is cayenne pepper mixed with salt and lemon (image).  It helps cure sore throat as well as colds and other flu-like symptoms.  The same goas for eucalyptus oil.  You can fill a basin with boiling or hot water, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil, and then position your head over the basin so you can inhale the eucalyptus vapor.  Put a towel over your head, like a tent, so all the vapor rising gets directly to you. This will not only help relieve your colds but your sore throat too.

Drinking tea is also one of the most effective sore throat remediesIt can soothe and calm you respiratory system, especially if you’ve been coughing all day.

Sore throat is usually the start of a flu.  It can also be an indication of an infection.  It is better to try to treat sore throat right away to prevent more serious illnesses.  If symptoms persist, you have to see your doctor for medical advice.  In most cases, warm water and a handful of ingredients from your kitchen should do the trick.  

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