7 Effective & Must-Try Home Remedies For Panic Attack

7 Home Remedies For Panic Attack

Are you one of those who experience panic attacks? If yes, you know how overwhelming a panic attack can be. It may occur unexpectedly and last for about ten minutes or more. Attacks may differ in length of occurrence and intensity.

Thus, everyone is clueless about the start and end of panic attacks. You never know how extreme an attack can be until it occurs. People suffering from panic attacks are affected physically, emotionally, and mentally. The factors causing a panic attack include tremendous stress, unresolved emotional problems, and poor health.

Doctors prescribe certain medications to people who suffer from this disorder. Although such medications alleviate the symptoms for the time being, some people may experience unexpected side effects.

Some medications may not be compatible with people’s immune system. To resolve this problem, some people opt to take home remedies for panic attack. Since they are made through natural means, they will not affect your system negatively.

Given below are 7 home remedies for panic attack.

  • Balanced Diet

Poor diet can lead to a habitual panic disorder. People who indulge on unhealthy food and liquor are at greater risk of acquiring a panic disorder. If a person consumes more simple carbohydrates, alcohol and sugar, panic attacks are more likely to occur.

High blood sugar level can bring tremendous stress to your body. It may also give you a certain type of emotional stress. When the body and mind are stressed, there is a higher tendency for panic attacks.

This home remedy involves eating certain kinds of food. You must consume lean protein food sources, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You must always consider your blood sugar level when choosing the foods you eat.

If the food will not increase your blood sugar exponentially, you may eat that food in moderation. To have a regulated emotional state, you must eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will help you in alleviating depression and anxiety. Some of the omega-3 food sources are nuts and salmon.

  • Aerobics

Being physically active can help you brighten up your mood. When your body has a good blood circulation, it can make you feel calm. One must engage in regular exercise to decrease his stress level.

You can walk or ride a bike instead of taking a cab.  A sedentary lifestyle can make your body exhausted even if you only perform simple and light tasks. When you improve your physical and mental well-being, sudden panic attacks can be reduced.

  • Breathing

Hyperventilation can lead to symptoms which are similar to panic attacks. To prevent chest pains, you must know how to manage your breathing. You can try deep breathing whenever panic attack occurs.

  • Kava root extract

Kava root extract is a common ingredient for natural depressant drinks. People who suffer from panic attacks drink juices with Kava root extract to reduce their nervousness.

  • Lavender

Anything that smells good can make someone feel better and calm. With the pleasant aroma of lavender, people can be calmed and contented. You may buy lavender-scented clothes, pillows, and beddings to circulate the scent in your room.

  • Meditation

Meditation is known for reducing stress and clearing up the mind. When you meditate, your surrounding will be more peaceful and feel a sense of relaxation.

  • Green tea

Aside from its nutritional value, it is used in treating panic disorder. People with extreme panic disorder drink green tea regularly. It provides the body with vitamins and minerals.

Feel free to try these 7 home remedies for panic attack. Try them all and find the most suitable home remedy for your body. 

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