The Amazing Benefits Of Basil Oil

The Amazing Benefits Of Basil Oil


Basil oil can be found in most homes today because of the delicious twist it adds to your cooking.  Did you know, however, that there’s more to this oil than meets the eye? Find out what else you can get from basil so you can maximize that bottle sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

One of the basil oil benefits is ear ache relief. Ear ache usually occurs when you are flying.  You can rub a small amount of basil oil on the outer area of your ear either with your fingers or with a cotton ball.  You will slowly feel the discomfort fading. 

Anotherbenefit is that it repels insects.  Just open your bottle of basil oil, set it on the table, and watch the mosquitoes fly away. You may also mix water and basil oil into a spritzer and use it as an insect spray.

If you have a sore throat or are feeling the onset of a flu, you can mix lemon and basil oil and apply it on your neck around the area where the throat is.  You can also use this as a vaporizing solution.  Remember, however, that you cannot rely on this home remedy alone.  You need to rest too and avoid anything that could aggravate your condition. 

Basil oil is now being recommended by doctors to patients with heart problems. Because basil oil is less processed and has less chemical contents it reduces the risks of worsening any heart condition.

Skin cooling is another basil oil benefit. If you’ve been under the sun for too long, or have just gotten back from sun tanning or sun bathing, apply basil oil generously on overexposed skin for immediate relief.

There’s just so many uses of basil oil and benefits that you can get from it.  It would be sensible to keep a bottle of this miracle in a bottle in your pantry.  You can also keep a small vial in your bag for quick fixes wherever you are.


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