7 Effective Home Remedies for Bloating Problems

Home Remedies for Bloating Problems

Bloating is the feeling of tightness in the stomach and caused by overeating, obesity, constipation, drinking caffeinated and carbonated drinks, lactose intolerance, medications, and other illnesses. The stomach is enlarged or swollen because of the build up gases.  

The person produces embarrassing gases or flatulence and feels stomach pain.  Belching or flatulence often does not offer relief. The person could also experience diarrhea and breathing difficulty. If it becomes a chronic condition, medications and lifestyle modifications would be required in the long term.

There are home remedies for bloating that can ease the discomfort it brings.  Some popular options are drinking linden, chamomile, and peppermint tea in the morning.  Doing yoga is also recommended as the various positions relax the body and allows the gasses to be released. 

Cooking herbs such as dill and fennel reduces acidity and heartburn that comes with bloating. Ginger and cinnamon spices, on the other hand, stimulate the digestive system. 

You can chew a few fennel or celery seeds or soak slices of ginger in lime juice after the meal.  Bay leaves can also be an option. You can put a bay leaf in boiling water, wait five minutes then drink it. The gas will come out quicker while sitting.

You should not skip meals and eat too fast or too much.  Foods like cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, onions, bean sprouts, radish, cabbage, chewing gum, melons and apples that can cause gas or flatulence should be eaten minimally or entirely avoided.  

However, foods rich in fiber are perfect. You should also stay away from salty foods such as chips or junk food and also those high in fat.  

The person should not have heavy meals for dinner and should not lie down or sleep immediately after eating to avoid flatulence. When constipated, the person should eat fruits.

Lactose intolerant people should avoid dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. and stick with leafy greens or vegetables and calcium fortified drinks. You can help your digestive system by doing exercises like brisk walking and stretching.

You can also take antacids or over the counter medication like activated charcoal pills, etc. However, it is still better to use home remediesas some medication can have side effects.  

You should seek medical attention immediately in case of diarrhea, vomiting, black or bloody stools, sudden weight loss and extreme stomach pain, heartburn and acidity. Bloating that results from these problems might be indicative of more serious health conditions.  

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