Home Remedies for Back Pain

home_remedies_for_back_painOnce in a rare while, it may hit you – excruciating or piercing back pain that nay render you immobile or unable to perform certain tasks. Addressing the health issue early on can prevent a chronic case of back pain from hampering your productivity and affecting your quality of life.

Natural back pain relief is preferred by many people, and with reason. Most natural solutions, unlike medication, don’t come with side effects. Some home remedies for back pain are getting a massage, and using a capsaicin ointment cream that may be applied on the back around four times a day.

Herbs can help ease back pain. Nature’s medicine chest is actually full of herbal options to alleviate physical pain. One of the herbs that can soothe an achy back is sage. Just a few drops placed in  bathtub can soothe an aching back arising from muscular fatigue Other herbs with pain-relieving and healing properties are white willow bark, devil’s claw, rosemary, and coriander.  Consult a naturopathic doctor, especially if you have health conditions, to be on the safe side.

For severe back ache, around four drops of rosemary/coriander/eucalyptus essential oil combined with equal measurement of chamomile and birch essential oil and also black pepper essential oil and 14 drops of lavender essential oil, apart from half an ounce of the carrier oil can work wonders in easing pain.

Exercising can be made a part of a good back pain treatment plan. If you’re advancing in years or pushing into your 40s, you may prevent body aches by toning your various muscles through simple exercises like walking. Try heel-to-toe walking, which spreads workload over the entire body, thereby creating muscular balance.

One of the causes of back pain is weak belly muscles.  A weak back and abdominal muscles can be strengthened by stretching exercises. One example is to do the super flex – lie on your back, bend your knees and feet flat on the floor, then raise your knees toward your chest, with the arms placed around your knees. Then lower the legs. Repeat the exercise five times.

It’s vital to address nutritional deficiencies (particularly for magnesium and vitamin B12) when considering treatment options for back pain.Taking calcium and vitamin D, whether by drinking milk, eating yogurt, leafy green veggies, or supplementation, can be effective back pain soothers.

Mind-body techniques like hypnotherapy and yoga may also be effective ways to manage back pain.

Lightening your load and maintaining good posture are also important in preventing back pain. Small things like not creating strain on your back can have huge payoffs.

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