Home Remedies for Hair Fall

home remedies for hair fallHormonal imbalance, stress, medical treatment, chemicals from shampoos and dyes, nutritional deficiencies, or heredity are some of the most common causes of excessive hair fall. 

Falling hair can be normal. Hair goes through the growth, transition, and resting stages. However, when internal body systems aren’t functioning properly (necessitating medical therapies), or if stress, pollution, and overuse of hair styling products take their toll on hair, excessive hair fall results.

If you are among those dealing with problematic hair fall, fret not. Natural solutions can curb further hair loss. Some remedies for hair fall include using amla oil & coconut oil. Gently massage the oil into the scalp, and then rinse after about 15 minutes. The hair-growth-promoting properties of amla can help preserve your locks. Amla oil can be purchased online or in a natural products store.

If you’re deficient in certain nutrients, it’s important to revamp your eating habits. A doctor will prescribe the right dosage of supplements, particularly zinc (around30mg) selenium, and biotin. An all-natural products store may be a good place to find premium quality supplements to improve hair health.

It’s crucial to feed your follicles by eating the right foods. Biotin and other essential nutrients needed for healthy hair may be obtained from whole foods. Strive to eat cereal grains and green, leafy veggies like spinach, oysters (which is high in zinc), low-fat dairy, berries, and biotin-rich foods like carrots, nuts, boiled egg (fried or poached eggs are fine, too).

If you’re a chain smoker or if you’re sleep-deprived, you stand to aggravate your hair condition. Using natural hair care products may also be the saving grace for hair that has started to break and fall out. After shampooing, use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles in still-damp hair.

Other home remedies for hair fall that can be applied on the scalp are aloe vera gel (apart from drinking aloe juice); jojoba oil; rosemary (one part mixed with two parts almond oil); and juice of coriander, among others. Neem leaves, boiled in water, then allowed to cool, can also be used to wash the hair. The other approach is to mix the neem oil with coconut oil then massage in the scalp.

If you love lemons, you can deal with hair fall simply by adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water. Including lemons – high in vitamin C — in your diet on a daily basis will help stimulate the scalp, improve hair quality, and prevent hair fall/loss.

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