How to Lose Hip Fat For Good

It is hard to lose weight and burn fat around the hips area. Many women struggle to keep it off their body. There are several factors that are involved in that area. The main point is women want to know how to get thinner and lose hip fat.

Many people do spot training. When you focus on training specific areas of your body while not doing anything to the rest is what you call spot training. This doesn’t work well because there are several contributing factors that play in the storage of fat in the hips section.

Causes of Hip Fat

1. Estrogen Toxicity/Dominance
2. Overconsumption of Carbohydrates

1. Overconsumption of Carbohydrates doesn’t only increases belly fat and hip fat but it also has a big factor when it comes to other diseases and health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes. If you reduce the bad carbs in what you eat, it will definitely result in the reduction of hip and belly fat.

Basically, if you eat more carbohydrates than what your body needs, the excess carbs will be turned into fat and will be stored for a later use. However, if you do not exercise and keep on including excess carbs in your diet, you will just keep accumulating fat in that area.


Focus on consuming these complex carbohydrates:

• Brown rice / quinoa wild long grain
• Sweet potatoes
• Pasta and whole grain bread
• Oatmeal
Minimize eating these simple carbohydrates:
• White pasta
• White rice
• White potatoes
• White bread
• Sugary treats


2. Estrogen Dominance is a big contributor in leg, hip and belly fat. It affects both genders. In simple terms, it is a toxic overabundance in the hormones of your body.


• Weight gain in the belly and hips area
• Water retention and feeling bloated
• Fatigue
• Hard to lose fat
• Uterine and breast cancers
• Slower metabolism
• Proestrogen deficiency
• Stress xenoestrogens
• Certain detergents and plastics
Here are 6 moves that can help you get slimmer thighs and hips
Give your tush and legs a good push with these body shaping exercises. If you want optimal results, do cardio sessions right after the strength training three to four times a day per week.

Items to Use:
• Dumbbell set (5 to 15 lbs)
• Resistance loop


1. Balancing Squat

Adding that balance challenge to squats will keep your glutes, abs and hips engage the whole time.

The Move:

Stand tall and keep your feet a bit wider than your hips. Lift your chest and maintain a neutral spine, lower to a deep squat, reach the floor with both arms.
As you press your body up, put your weight to the right leg and bend the left knee as you hold your shin with the left hand. Release leg and make it count as one. Do 20 times by 3 sets, alternating sides.

2. Side Stepping Curtsey

This lunge targets the glutes, hips and thighs plus the extra core challenge.

The Move:

Stand tall and Move your feet a bit wider than your hips. Put your hands behind your head, clasped. Cross the right leg and put it behind the left. Lower to a curtsey lunge and reach the floor using your right hand. Stand up quickly and return to starting position. Do 20 times by 3 sets, alternating sides.

3. Hinging Deadlift

Strengthen your backside for a svelte lower body. Deadlifts require your glutes, lower back and hamstrings to do the heavy lifting.

The Move:

Get dumbbells. Make your feet a bit wider than your hips, knees a bit bent. Hold the dumbbells on your thighs in front, palms facing in. Make your spin neutral. Move your hips forward. Make the dumbbells reach toward the ground until the torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Focus on the glutes and raise your body almost halfway and return to the starting position. Do 20 times by 3 sets.

4. Shifting Side Lunge

This move is a combination of a side lunge and sumo squat

The Move:

Hold the dumbbells at your side and stand with both of your feet together. Lower your body by taking a side lunge to the right, reaching dumbbells on the right leg. Bend the left knee and put your weight to both legs and move into a squat position. Extend the right leg and reach the dumbbells and put it to the floor. Move the weight and bring it to the left side and do a side lunge with the right leg.
Push off the left foot to enable you to bring the legs back together. Do 20 times by 3 sets, alternating sides.

5. External Hip Raise

Build hip strength by with this effective strength move.

The Move:

Make use of the resistance band by looping it around the ankles. Lie on the right side. Support the upper body by using your forearm and right hand. Feet flexed, extend both legs. Make your abs tight and lift the leg on top to hip height, rotate the leg to turn the toes down, making use of the band’s tension. Lift the leg a bit higher than the height of the hip and rotate your heel towards the ceiling. Return to starting position. Do 20 times by 3 sets. Switch sides after.

6. Side Lying Leg Lift

The American Council on Exercise named this move as a great thigh toning exercise because it also engages your abs.

The Move:

Use the resistance band and put it around the ankles. Lie on the right side and put your right arm on the floor. Place your left hand to support your body. Keep your abs tight and bring the leg that is on the bottom a bit in front of the leg that is on the top. Lift the leg towards the ceiling and keep the hips stacked. Maintain constant tension on the band and move the bottom leg down and up quickly. Do 20 times by 3 sets. Switch sides after.
These moves are guaranteed to sculpt your hips and make you lose the fat. Do complement these exercises with a well balanced meal as per recommended by a doctor.


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