The Unique Way To Lose Weight : Mushrooms Diet

Mushrooms Diet

Thinking how to lose your weight about kilos without turning to a diet that would turn your everyday tasty food? Many peoples face this problem – because of their strict diet during their weight loss regimen and lack of taste buds, make them de-motivated. This leads to entire loss in their weight loss plan. However, the M-Diet comes to solve this problem. Made up of loads of tasty mushrooms, M-Diet makes it easy to stick to and also beneficial to for our plan.

Benefits of Mushroom Diet on Health Perspective

Mushrooms which are low in calories, full of proteins and also have a lot of fibers make the M-Diet as a very simple diet plan. Compared to our main source of protein, meat, mushroom a lot easier to pass through our digestive system. Besides, the abilities of mushroom to boost our immune system and help in fighting diseases make it very good to our body.

By comparison, there are 80% amount of calories lower between mushrooms to meat for the same amount (grams) of them. When switching from meat with mushrooms, you feel just as full and get more protein without consuming a lot of proteins.

Mushrooms Variation

For your variation, there are hundreds of mushrooms types available for you to eat and used in different menu for your diet plan. A few of mushrooms packs the most power and nutritional value in them. Some of the mushrooms are described as below:

White Button Mushrooms – For more effective diet. It is believed can be used to prevent prostate and breast cancer.

Portobello & Crimni Mushrooms – Rich in fiber and have strong, meaty taste.

Maitake Mushrooms – Packed with antioxidants and potassium. Nutty and meaty in flavor.


Preparing mushroom is quick and easy. You can mix it with any dish and increase its flavor quotient. If a dish has a lot of meat, you can try replacing half of meat with ground mushrooms. For your information, Crimni mushrooms can be well mixed with minced meat while Maitake mushrooms perfectly blended in soups and side dishes. For Crimni, you can prepare it with a dish which demands a ground meat such as spaghetti and meatballs, tacos and hamburgers. If you want a quick snack, feel free to dip a sliced of button mushrooms in delicious dips. It is packed with a lot of flavor and also deliver a low amount of calories.

Slim By The Way Of Celebrities:

Katy Perry, Kelly Osborne and many celebrities have touted this M-Plan, helping them to lose weight. This is one of the few fad diet which have not been marked as dangerous diet by a doctor and nutritionist. Instead, they agreed that snacking mushrooms far healthier than any chips and candies. Keep in your mind that, your body also needs a healthy amount of vegetables and fruits, not only mushrooms alone.

This M-Plan or mushroom diet plan should be taken as consideration to be added to your weight loss regimen. It’s quite effective and there’s no harm trying it out! Hope you will try to take this opportunity to avail the benefits of mushroom diet 🙂

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