3 Amazing Benefits Of Orange Peels



Oranges are one of the healthiest and most popular fruits around. They’re a perennial favorite by kids and adults alike, and for a reason. For one, these fruits are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, calcium, and dietary fiber.

Vitamin C is known to boost the body’s immune system and is particularly regarded for its wonderful benefits to the skin. Calcium is important in maintaining healthy body cells by preventing or else repairing worn out cells. And finally, having adequate dietary fiber aids in digestion and helps in regular bowel movement.

But aside from the nutritional value of oranges, especially the pulp, did you know that orange peels can also be used for a variety of purposes? Most people mistakenly throw away the peels, thinking that they are of no value anymore. They couldn’t be more wrong.

So hold on to those it and refrain from throwing them out just yet. From beauty to domestic cleaning purposes, here are a number of ways those peels can help you get the job done:

  • Include in Meals

Incorporate orange rind in your recipes to achieve that distinct tangy flavor in your dishes. On top of the distinct taste, you also get added nutritional benefits. Did you know that orange peels have more Vitamin C content than the actual fruit pulp? Be cautious, however, of the variety that you choose to eat. As much as possible, go for organic oranges to avoid ingesting harmful residues from pesticides or fertilizers.

It can also be used to soften hardened clumps of brown sugar. Put the peels into a bowl with the sugar for a few days or so. Later, you will see the brown sugar softening mainly because the zest absorb the moisture that causes the sugar to solidify into clumps.

  • Include in Beauty Regimen

The peels of orange can also be used to achieve healthy-looking skin. One way to do it is by grinding them until they reach a pasty consistency. You can then apply this on your face as an all-natural organic face mask. This face mask prevents acne, makes your skin glow, tightens pores, removes oiliness, gets rid of dark spots, and helps remove scars.

These peels can also be used to create a body scrub. You just need to place the zest in a cheese cloth and scrub on skin while bathing. This helps wash away dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and bright.

  • Use in Domestic Chores

Another uses of  the orange zest is as a sponge to wipe away stains on both wooden and metal surfaces. You can also create a simple cleaning solution by mixing the peels with vinegar.

The peels also can act as deodorizer. Place them in the bottom of garbage cans or inside shoes to get rid of the funny smell. To get rid of the nasty smell in fridges, place it with salt at one corner until the funk is gone.

These are just some of the practical uses and benefits of orange peels. So before throwing them out, you might want to reconsider using them for any of the simple projects outlined above.

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