3 Best Foods For Your Sperm

best Food for Your Sperms

A number of studies show that there are 9 out of 10 men who suffer from infertility have inadequate sperm levels. This often results in loss of confidence in men. In extreme cases, it can even affect the way these men interact with the people around them. This condition is not entirely hopeless. 

While a lot of men would not opt for medical options to increase their sperm count, there are other alternatives that they can try. One of the simplest ways to boost sperm production is by changing the way that you eat. There are certain food for your sperm that you can include in your diet.

Ginseng is one of those that have been identified as good food for your sperm. It has been used to improve the virility of Asian men for many centuries. For this reason, it has been incorporated in a lot of formulations intended to improve men’s overall sexual health. Researches have concluded that Ginseng is effective in increasing libido and hormonal secretions.

Surprisingly, garlic is also considered by many as sperm food. Widely known as a means to fight cardiovascular illnesses, garlic is also beneficial in increasing sperm count. This type of food contains high amounts of allicin, a compound which enhances the flow of blood through the genitals. Because cooking reduces the effectiveness of this compound, it is best that this is consumed raw.

Another food that may help increase your body’s hormonal secretion is Goji berry. Some physicians even advise their patients to consume Goji berries because of how efficient they increase sperm count. As a potent antioxidant, Goji berry can greatly enhance blood circulation and regulate the temperature around the male genital. It is believed that heat in the genital area is one of the culprits of low sperm production. 

With these foods, you will have a higher chance of overcoming infertility.  You can look for recipes that include these as ingredients for satisfying meals as you attempt to increase your sperm count the natural way.  

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