5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

boost brain power

What you eat is what you are. We know very well this term. From what we eat and drink, it will have an effect on us. How we think, how we perform at work, how happy we are – on our entire life. Even our thought also influences by what we eat and drink.

Based on that knowledge, we know that our moods and feelings are in our own hands not simply because of external factors like weather or condition. So, we can transform ourselves to be what we want and act on what we think.

In today’s high-fast paced technology world, where everything must be delivered instantly, it makes us difficult to keep up with the pace. When tiredness takes over, what we can do to diminish it quickly and give the boost to our brain power? Please give a thought on what we share in this article.

Increase your mental retards with these foods and drink:

1. Protein

Protein help maximizes your brain power and also your mental alertness. By including protein in your daily diet, it will reduce the soporific aftereffects of eating a lot of carbohydrates like bread.

In practice, you can do all these:

  • Eating meatball with a spaghetti
  • Enjoying bread roll with chicken slice
  • Consuming chips with a quality fish

Protein also helps you feel full for longer time. You can get a good source of protein from lean chicken, turkey, fish and eggs.

2. Dietary Boron

Boron is a trace mineral which gives an effect on your cognitive performance, both on short and long term memory as suggested by a researcher. Lack of boron can lead to slower reaction times, memory impairment and general lack of awareness.

Boron can easily find in many fruits, vegetables and nuts:

  • Fruits – apples, pears, peaches and grapes
  • Vegetables – Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts – Almond, Brazil nuts, hazelnut and cashew

3. Oily Fish

Oily fish like salmon, tuna and kippers rich with essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which help boost your memory and brain power. To get the best result, you are required to consume oily fish in regular periods of approximately a month. Within this period, you will see an improvement in your memory and mental alertness. Just eat a 150g portion of oily fish (salmon) every week to see the result.

4. Caffeine

For a better day, drink coffee or tea in the morning to wake up your mind and increase the alertness. The recommended portion for you is twice a day as if you consume more, it makes you addicted. Research has found that, around 200miligrams of caffeine is enough to boost your brain power. This means that, only two cups a day is enough for you. One in the morning and one in the mid-afternoon.

5. Water

The simplest and purest way to boost your brain is drink enough plain water. This will make you stay hydrated for a day. Tiredness and slow reaction usually come from your dehydration. So, just drink a glass of water and drink it.

To keep your hydration level, it is suggested best to drink 7-8 glasses every day. Water also acts as a mood enhancer if you have been deprived of sleep or just need a quick healthy pick-me-up.

Some of these ideas not only help you to boost your brain power but also have other health benefits. Try just for 1 month each of the suggestions and choose what work best for you and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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