200 Genius Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Everyday Life (No 10 Is The Best)

If there is any single natural product that is 100 percent beneficial to human beings, then it is a coconut. Top to bottom of this miracle but can be used for improved health. From the coconut milk, it can be further processed into coconut oil.

Coconut has various usable parts that we can use to full health advantage. We can eat it, drink it, or extract the oil and humans have been aware of the many beneficial health uses of coconut for centuries.

More recently, scientists had found an abundance of bioactive compounds in coconut oil, which has in part lead to a huge spike in interest from health-conscious individuals. Here, we outline 200 secret ways of coconut oil uses in daily life.

200 genius ways to use coconut oil for health, beauty, cleaning, around home and more. The ultimate coconut oil benefits list!Coconut Oil For Beauty

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1. Cracked heels – Cracked heels can occur due to frequent usage of high heels and look a little unsightly. Solve it by massaging coconut oil into the heel every night before bed and significant result can be noticed.

2. Baldness – Apply coconut oil regularly to on the scalp to regenerate hair growth and stimulate the hair follicle.

3. Tattoo – The prolonged use of coconut oil will preserve the pigment from fading and when applied to new tattoo, and will also promote the healing process.

4. Bath Oil – Pour coconut oil into the bath tub to keep the skin clean and fresh after!

5. Remove White Heads – Gently massage the face with palm using coconut oil to remove whiteheads. This is highly recommended if you have allergies towards chemicals in cosmetics.

6. Anti-aging – Antioxidant function of coconut oil makes the skin look younger with fewer wrinkles.

7. Skin tone – Get an even skin tone by rubbing the skin with coconut oil, especially parts that get exposed to the most sunlight.

8. Dry eyes – Wipe eyelids with cotton dipped in coconut oil to keep the eyes moist!

9. Shape that beard! – If you have a beard, use coconut oil to shape your beard the way you like it and make it shiny.

10. Mole remover – Moles can be removed by applying coconut oil frequently. It will eventually shrink and fall off without pain or a scar being left!

11. After Shave – Apply coconut oil after shaving to relieve the pain and tiny cuts as well as promote skin regeneration.

12. Cuticle cream – Use coconut oil as cuticle cream on the nails.

13. Exfoliator – Coconut oil can be used as exfoliator for feet, knees and neck.

14. Eye Cream – Apply coconut oil around the eyes to eliminate eye bag and dark circles.

15. Face Wash – Massage face for two minutes with coconut oil, two minutes with foam and then rinse with warm water for the perfect skin care treatment.

16. Hair Dyes Repellent – Wipe coconut oil at the area that you do not intend to get dyed. Rinse it off after dye treatment.

 17. Nail Polish Quick Dry – Once you are done polishing the nails, put a drop of coconut oil on each of the nails to make it dry faster with less stress.

18. Pore Minimizer – Reduce pore size on face by consistently apply coconut oil on the face.

19. Exfoliate Feet – Rub your feet with coconut oil to make it soft and stimulate skin regeneration.

 20. Exfoliate Face – Rub and massage the face with coconut oil as exfoliate treatment.

 21. Exfoliate Lips – Dry lips make your face look gloomy and affect the quality of lipstick worn. Treat them exfoliating with coconut oil.

22. Clean Mascara Brush – Dip the mascara brush with enough coconut oil. Once it gets moist, rub the brush to get rid of hard stain.

23. Make Mascara – Using a simple formulation of Aloe Vera gel, beeswax, activated charcoal and coconut oil, make your own healthy alternative mascara

24. Foundation Primer – To have a perfect make up tone, apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your face as the foundation.

25. Face Mask – Just before you go to bed, apply coconut oil as face masks and leave it till the next morning.

26. Strengthen Soft Spots – Newborns have soft spots such as the head, which can be strengthened by gently massage the area with coconut oil.

27. Heal Acne – Pricking acne is a no-no. Instead, put coconut oil and the acne will heal naturally and faster and reduce the risk of scaring.

28. Release Tangled Hair – Apply enough coconut oil to release tangles hair, leaving beauty and easily-managed hair.

29. Fade Sun Spot – Sun spots can look a little weird. Remove them by massaging them with the help of coconut oil.

30. Prevent Stretch Marks – Pregnant mothers should apply coconut oil during the third trimester on their tummy to prevent stretch marks. It is also effective in the other parts of the body which have the potential to leave stretch marks after child delivery.

31. Sunblock – Apply coconut oil on your skin as sunblock to protect from UV light.

32. Lip Balm – Use a finger or cotton bud to apply coconut oil on dried lips. Keep it in a tiny bottle for your convenience wherever you go.

33. Resolve Acne – Instead of pinching the acne and introducing more germs into it, apply coconut oil to make it naturally shrink and disappear.

34. Get Rid of Cellulite -Remove stubborn cellulite in the tummy and thigh by massaging the area regularly with coconut oil.

35. Tanning Oil – To make your skin become tan, natural and more attractive, apply coconut oil all over the body during sunbathing.

36. Add Salt, Remove Dry Skin on Feet – Salt and coconut oil is best remedy to remove dry skin on feet, which may appear due to dry weather.

37. Help Nails Grow – Healthy nails should grow fast to replace the broken nails. Help them by rubbing the nails with coconut oil. In fact, the nails look nicer and cleaner while waiting for the new length.

38. Alleviate Dry, Flaky Elbows – Certain parts of the human body, such as elbows and knees, tend to get dry easily. Alleviate the flaky condition with coconut oil to lock in moisture and soften the skin.

39. Clean Makeup Brushes – Makeup brushes can be cleaned up by wiping them off with coconut oil.

40. Prevent Split Ends – Having split ends of hair indicates unhealthy hair. To solve this, use coconut oil as hair conditioner targeting the ends.

41. Enhance Eyelash – Rub coconut oil on your eyelashes to make them grow faster and become shiny in a natural way

42. Remove Baby Cradle Cap – It is normal for cradle cap to appear on the newborn’s scalp. To remove it, gently massage your baby’s scalp with coconut oil.

43. Make up Removal – Instead of using face toner to remove makeup, you can use coconut oil for a gentle and healthy choice.

44. Hair Loss – Coconut oil also has been used since a long time ago in India and Malay culture of Asians to control hair loss, especially for women.

45. Scrub – To remove dead skin cells, add coconut oil in scrub ingredients before the shower.

46. Massage – For a relaxing massage treatment, apply coconut oil to ease the job while at the same time nourishes the skin.

47. Dandruff -Dandruff appears due to dry scalp. Use coconut oil to moist the scalp and thus, treats dandruff.

48. Hair Conditioner – If you are looking for natural alternative for hair conditioner, coconut oil is the best choice which will give you stronger and shiny hair.

49. Moisturizer -Prevent skin flakes due to hot weather by gently rubbing coconut oil on your skin when needed.

50. Deodorant – In deodorant formulation, coconut oil is added to give the natural and sweet smell.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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51. Avoid Chlorine Exposure When Swimming – As oil and water cannot mix together, reduce the risk of chlorine exposure while swimming by applying the whole body with coconut oil. Just thin layer is enough and you will notice the difference.

52. Food Poisoning – Reduce the symptoms of food poisoning by killing the bacteria causing it. Drink a cup of warm water added with coconut oil.

53. Snoring – Before you went to bed, apply coconut oil inside nostril to reduce the swelling that causes snoring.

54. Boost Hormone – Coconut oil also can boost hormone production to regulate normal systems in the human body when taken consistently.

55. Yeast Infection – Coconut oil can be used to fight yeast infection by placing a tampon coated with the oil for several hours.

56. Source of Energy – When taken orally, coconut oil will provide instant energy since it is not stored as fat.

57. Remove Ants from the Ear – If tiny ant suddenly gets into your ear, do not panic. Rub coconut oil on the earlobe to attract the ant to the source of the sweet smell.

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58. Constipation Relief – Relieve constipation pain by consuming coconut oil to lubricate the digestive tract and ease the flow.

59. Clean Retainer – Rub retainer with a brush dipped in coconut oil to clean it and then rinse with warm water.

60. Clean Dog Ear – Clean dog ears of dirt and earwax with the help of coconut oil.

61. Fight Ringworm – Treat ringworm on your skin and feet by constantly rubbing coconut oil to the area of infection.

62. Anti- bacterial – Apply coconut oil to prevent bacterial infection as the absence of air and oxygen is not conducive for microorganisms.

63. Anti-Carcinogenic – Research proved that coconut oil can be anti-carcinogenic to animal cells.

64. Anti-Inflammatory – The anti-inflammatory effect of coconut oil brings benefits to us to fight allergy reaction and relieve the pain.

65. Improve Nutrient Absorption – Nutrients can be absorbed better if being taken with coconut oil. So, always try to mix the oil in your recipes.

66. Appetite Suppressant – Taking coconut oil before meals makes us full longer and hence suppressed the appetite.

67. Digestion – The digestion system will become healthier if we keep consuming the coconut oil either in drink, food or just raw oil.

68. Lung Function – Improve lung function by having coconut oil. The nutrient content is good for respiratory system if consumed consistently.

69. Stress Relief – Coconut oil can improve brain function as well as being used to relieve stress. Just include it in your daily consumption.

70. Acid Reflux – Acid reflux happens due to improper eating style, but can be relieved by taking a tablespoon of coconut oil after meal

71. Asthma – Asthma can be relieved by consuming coconut oil as a daily routine.

72. Bowel Function – For those having abnormal bowel movement, take three tablespoons of coconut oil to improve bowel function

73. Cancer – Prevent and cure cancer by taking coconut oil regularly in our diet.

74. Diabetes – Coconut oil can regulate blood sugar level. Hence, it is good for diabetic to consume coconut oil as a daily supplement.

75. Menstrual Cramps – Menstrual cramp can be cured without using painkillers. Simply massage the tummy with coconut oil and consume some to relieve the pain and cure the cramp for the long term.

76. Decongestant – During winter, respiratory channel tends to get swollen and congested as we get cold. Rub coconut oil to relieve it.

77. Animal Bites – Animal bites such as cats and dogs can heal faster when being given coconut oil.

78. Heartburn – Heartburn sensations cause an uneasy feeling. Swallow a tablespoon of coconut oil to soothe the intestinal tract.

79. Bruises – Gently massage the area of bruises with coconut oil to get rid of ugly mark.

80. Burns – Sunburn causes stinging pain. To relieve the pain, apply coconut oil on the area to soothe and heal faster.

81. Ear Infection – Ear infection might happen as the effect of the unhygienic condition. Use coconut oil as a home remedy by dropping the oil into the ear canal.

82. Hangnails – Hangnails really painful and piss us off. Apply coconut oil on the edge of thumb to cure them and reduce the pain.

83. Insomnia – Insomnia can be reduced by drinking a cup of warm water with one tablespoon of coconut oil in the night.

84. Laryngitis – Laryngitis can be cured by taking coconut oil orally. It will kill bacteria and heals the infected area faster.

85. Leg Cramps – Cure leg cramps faced by an athlete by consuming coconut oil and use as massage oil as well.

86. Nausea – Nausea such as due to sea sickness can be relieved by having coconut oil. Take one tablespoon one hour before boarding.

87. Oral Surgery – Oral surgery leaves painful and swollen gums. To make it heal faster, apply coconut oil on the area until it is gone.

88. Alcohol and Drug Detox – Coconut oil helps with alcohol and drug detoxification by taking it as a daily supplement.

89. Swimmer’s Ear – Drop coconut oil into swimmers ear to remove uncomfortable water bubbles.

90. Hand Cleaner – Clean your hand after heavy work dealing with thick dirt by rubbing coconut oil with both palms. Once the dirt gets loosened, wash the hands like the usual.

91. Mouthwash – Rinse your mouth with a cup of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of coconut oil for cleaner mouth and fresh breath.

92. Circumcision Healing – Delayed healing after circumcision might cause infection. Help it to heal faster by putting coconut oil on the cut area and leave it well-ventilated.

93. Mouth Guard Cleaner – For athletes, mouth guards also need to be cleaned regularly. Wipe it with coconut oil to make it shiny and remove dirt.

94. Denture Cleaner – Use coconut oil to soak the denture before using a toothbrush to perfectly clean it.

95. Clear Up Varicose Veins – Spend a couple of minutes to clear it up by massaging with coconut oil.

96. Toenail Fungus – Toenail fungus can be removed using oil by rubbing the end of the nails with a cotton bud soaked with coconut oil.

97. Wax out ears – Sticky layers of the ear canal can be cleaned with coconut oil as well. In fact, it is more effective than using a cotton bud alone and safer than using ear drops.

98. Reduce Cough – Slowly sip a tablespoon of coconut oil three times a day to reduce cough and treat sore throat at the same time.

99. Treat Pink Eye – Pink eye can be treated by placing a cotton ball soaked with coconut oil on the eye lids. It is safe for the eyes and chemical-free.

100. Stop Hot Flashes – Menopausal women may consume 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily to stop hot flushes.

101. Fight Adrenal Fatigue – Since coconut oil can provide energy, it is proven to fight adrenal fatigue.

102. Prevent Morning Sickness – Include 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in daily consumption to prevent morning sickness in the early stage of pregnancy.

103. Unclog Ears – Earwax might block the ear tunnel and harden. To remove it, drop coconut oil and let it stay until the earwax is slightly dissolved and can be dug out easily.

104. Reduce Arthritis Symptoms – Both oral intake and massaging with coconut oil may reduce arthritis symptoms if used consistently.

105. Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s – Prolonged intake of coconut oil as daily supplement will reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease for its active compound, ketone

106. Improve Sleep – Take three tablespoons of coconut oil to stimulate the normal sleeping normal pattern especially when you notice the symptom of slight insomnia.

107. Dilute Essential Oil – Essential oil and coconut oil can get along together. So, mix both of them while preserving the smell of essential oil in aromatherapy.

108. Increase Absorption of Calcium and Magnesium – Calcium and magnesium will be absorbed better when you take coconut oil as a daily supplement.

109. Shave Cream – Use coconut oil as shaving cream to ease the job and lessen the pain.

110. Reduce Itch of Mosquito Bite – It is not good to scratch a mosquito bite. Instead, apply coconut oil on it to reduce itching.

111. Soothes Sore Throat – Moisten the throat and eliminate bacterial infection by taking coconut oil frequently (about three tablespoons per day) until the sore throat relieved.

112. Soothe Itch or Chicken Pox or Poison Ivy – Chicken pox makes the skin very itchy, but to scratch will only make it make worse. Hence, reduce the itchy sensation by rubbing the spots with coconut oil. Same goes with poison ivy contact.

113. Vapor Rub – Coconut oil can be used as the ingredient in vapor rub to replace synthetic chemicals.

114. Nipple Cream – For breastfeeding mothers, use coconut oil as nipple cream to solve the issue of cracked nipple and inflammation due baby beet. It is more convenient and safe for baby.

115. Improve Digestion – Take a tablespoon of coconut oil first thing in the morning with an empty stomach to improve digestion. Better digestion means more nutrients in your diet can be absorbed, not merely flushed.

116. Stimulate Metabolism and Improve Thyroid Function – Oral intake of coconut oil will naturally stimulate your metabolism and improve thyroid function for a healthy individual.

117. Prevent Nose Bleeding – Nose bleeding might happen during hot weather as the nostril tissue softens. To prevent this situation, rub coconut oil on the inner side of the nostrils.

118. Wound Healing – The wound healing properties of coconut oil make it a great choice to replace drug-based medicine which might have the side effect.

119. Treat Lice Attack – Lice can be killed by mixing apple cider vinegar with coconut oil. Then, apply the formulation and wrap with shower cap overnight. Be consistent until you are confident all of them are gone.

120. Rub Inside Nose, Alleviate Allergy – An allergic reaction may develop due to pollen grain inhaled through our nose. Rub the inside of the nostrils to alleviate the allergy symptoms.

121. Add Chia Seed, Energy Booster – Both combinations of Chia seed and coconut oil is a great to be consumed as an energy booster due to presence of saturated fat in the oil.

122. Add Oregano, Gum Health – Add oregano in coconut oil and clean your teeth with it to improve gum health.

123. Improve Cholesterol Ratio – Consume coconut oil every morning and you will notice positive changes in cholesterol ratio within a month.

124. Recover Flu – Add a tablespoon of coconut oil in a cup of hot tea to recover flu without taking medicine.

125. Add Soda, as Toothpaste – Baking soda is one of the remedies to make your teeth white. Now, add coconut oil instead of using water to make it as toothpaste. In the long term, you are going to have both healthy gum and whiter teeth.

126. Medicine – Coconut oil can be used as medicine to stop bleeding by allowing blood platelet to stick together and induce healing.

127. Treat Eczema – Dermatologist acknowledged coconut oil to treat eczema as a home remedy by rubbing the oil onto skin surface to avoid drying skin.

128. Weight Loss – Consume coconut oil as your daily routine to help with weight loss as it will boost the body metabolism.

129. Diaper Cream – Baby skin is very sensitive to harsh chemical and easily gets infected. Always use coconut oil to replace commercialized diaper cream.

130. Wart – Apply coconut oil at the location of wart three times daily to make it shrink and disappear.

131. Baby Development – Coconut oil should be taken throughout pregnancy duration to provide the foetus with necessary fat for the brain and body development.

132. Brain – Keaton in coconut oil is good to increase brain function and alertness. Hence, it can be taken as a daily supplement.

133. Antiulcer – Oral intake of coconut oil will give a healthier mouth and reduce the risk of getting an ulcer.

134. Fungicide – Coconut oil can prevent and treat fungal infection by rubbing the oil onto our skin.

135. Fat Soluble Vitamin – Fat soluble vitamins, which are vitamin A, D, E and K can only be absorbed and transported in fat and oil. Hence, coconut oil is good to carry those vitamins.

136. Bone – Calcium is vital for bone development, while coconut oil is proven to help in calcium absorption in the human body.

137. Lower Cholesterol – For a healthier life, keep consuming coconut oil regularly to lower the cholesterol level in your blood.

138. Dental – Coconut oil is good for dental health. Just like it can be used to remove stains on steel, it can also be applied to tooth enamel to wipe the calculus.

Coconut Oil For Cooking

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139. Fry Snacks – Coconut oil also can be used to fry snacks, just like palm oil and corn oil do, but with nicer smell.

140. Freezer Burn Protection – Place a layer of oil on food to protect it from freezer burn and maintain long lasting freshness. The coconut oil can be easily removed by running tap water on it before cooking

141. Roast Meat – Roast meat with a sprinkle of coconut oil to make it tastier, smell nicer and a healthier choice with less cholesterol.

142. Sprinkle Barbecue – Give a sprinkle of coconut oil while roasting your food.

143. Spaghetti – Prevent spaghetti from sticking by placing one tablespoon of coconut oil during boiling process.

144. Sweetener – Coconut oil can be used as a sweetener replacement with the same function like stevia and aspartame. The sweet smell is great for your drink yet fewer calories than sugar.

145. Fire Starter – Coconut oil can be used as fire starter as well by pouring it on the charcoal or firewood

146. Replace Vegetable Oil – Vegetable oil such as corn oil, palm oil and olive oil can be replaced with coconut oil in many recipes.

147. Cast Iron Skillets – Wipe the surface of iron skillets with coconut oil to reduce sticking and hence, avoid burns.

148. Toast Spread – Spread bread with coconut oil to replace margarine or butter. Your toast would smell nicer and be healthier!

149. Popcorn Topping – Make your own popcorn with coconut oil as the ingredient to replace vegetable oil.

150. Preserve Egg – Keep the freshness of the eggs by wiping them off with coconut oil as air cannot penetrate the oily layer. No need to wash the egg as well when you need it.

151. Ripe Fruit – When you are preparing fruits for a gift, do not forget to wipe the skin of apples, oranges and grapes with coconut oil. They will look far shinier!

152. Utensil Lubricant – A few cooking utensils need simple maintenance to ensure those tools work perfectly. Use coconut oil as lubricant at the hinge. It is cheaper than commercialized grease and safe for food.

153. Mayonnaise – Make your own delicious mayonnaise by simply mix 2/3 cup of coconut oil, 2/3 olive oil, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 4 egg yolks. You will notice the great taste in your next salad dressing.

154. Butter Replacement in Baking – Mothers are can always replace butter in baking with coconut oil for the same function yet healthy recipe.

155. Coffee Creamer – Dear coffee lover, why don’t you try something different for a great sip of coffee? Switch to the regular coffee creamer with a tablespoon of coconut oil. It will instantly emulsify to give the nice smell and trigger your taste buds.

156. Cooking Oil – Since coconut oil is edible, it is great to have it as cooking oil. Furthermore, you can find a lot of recipes which taste better when using coconut oil as the ingredients.


Coconut Oil For Your Home


benefits and uses of coconut oil

157. Bug Repellent – Add mint in coconut oil and apply the mixture as bug repellent during outdoor activity.

158. Ink Cleaner – Spilled ink causes stressful and panic situation since it will remain permanent if delayed action taken. To solve this, wipe it off with coconut oil using tissue towel.

159. Remove Rust – Remove rust on a metal surface by scrubbing the rust with abrasive cleaning pads.

160. Hinge Lubricants – No need to spend money on buying special grease for hinge when you can just put a few drops of coconut oil for the same job.

161. Prevent Clumps On Lawn Mower Blades – In order to have an efficient lawn mowing task, prevent the clumps of grass on lawn mower blades by applying enough coconut oil.

162. Grease Bicycle Chain – To maintain a well function bicycle chain, apply coconut oil and wipe off the excess.

163. Preserve Ballpoint Ink – To preserve ink inside the ballpoint pen, simply place a drop of coconut oil in the ink tube.

164. Prevent Mosquito Larvae – Place coconut oil into pot plates to make a layer of oil on top of the water, hence reduce the risk of having mosquito larvae.

165. Prevent Water Stain – Water stains can be seen in the metal water basin and kitchen utensils. Wipe the metal part of wash basin with coconut oil to help repel water and thus, prevent water stains.

166. Bathtub and Shower Cleaner – Sometimes, cleaning agent does not work on stubborn stains in bathtub and shower. Try to rub the stain with coconut oil before rinsing the oil with soap later on.

167.Polish Bronze – Bronze will catch rust if not taken care nicely. Polish it with coconut oil to remove dust, prevent rusting process and give brighter shine too.

168. Ceiling Fans – Make simple maintenance on the ceiling fans by giving a few drops of coconut oil to eliminate the squeaky sound. Clean the dust on the blades and finish it off with coconut oil as well.

169. Leather Cleaner – If you are having leather furniture and stuff, wipe clean it coconut oil the prevent cracking due to heat exposure and make it shine like new.

170. Plant Leaf Shiner – This trick is recommended for artificial leaf for home decoration. Put some effort to wipe each leaf with coconut oil to make it looks fresh and shiny just like the real ones.

171. Snow Shovels – Coat the shovel with coconut oil so that shovelling snow in the pavement is a lot faster and efficient as the snow will slide off easily without getting stuck on the metal.

172. Make Candle – Be a little creative by making your own candle using cotton square-braided wick solidified in coconut oil and beeswax.

173. Finger Paints – Finger painting is nicer if you mix the coconut oil a little bit and paint will dry faster too.

174. Hockey Pucks – Make the hockey pucks as coconut oil will freeze during winter. Pour the oil into the round mold and wait a little bit.

175. Keep Squirrels Away from Bird Feeders – Pour coconut oil on the poles to make it harder for the squirrel to jump in between.

176. Aromatherapy – Add coconut oil into aromatherapy dish to enjoy the soothing and nice smell of it.

177. Stuck Zipper – Zippers can get stuck due to rust and worn out. Reduce the friction by rubbing coconut oil along the zipper track.

178. Fuel for Cars – Biomass have been introduced to enable coconut oil being used as the fuel for cars, although it is relatively new in the industry.

179. Keep Maggots Out of the Waste Bin – Pour coconut oil into waste bin liner to keep maggots out of the waste and prevent bad smell at the same time!

180. Trap Fruit Flies – Fruit flies love to buzz around a lamp during the night. Trap them by coating a piece of paper with coconut oil and hang the paper under fluorescent lamps.

181. Oil Lamp Fuel – Make a decorative lamp or backup oil lamp during camping using coconut oil and thick cotton thread only. Immerse the thread and refill the oil to get source of light and heat.

182. Oil Painting – Help your oil painting dry faster by mixing the paint with coconut oil.

183. Wax Sticks – Make a thin layer of coconut oil inside the candle holder before placing the candle itself to help it being removed easily.

184. Remove Stuck Ring – Remove a stuck ring on your finger by rubbing the coconut oil around the area.

185. Shoe Polisher – Polishing leather shoes is just as simple as rubbing coconut oil with towel. Your shoes will shiny longer and dust free.

186. Get Rid of Sticker Residue – Sometimes it is very annoying to have sticky surfaces on newly bought items. Get rid of it by rubbing with coconut oil without giving scratch.

187. Prevent Wood Crack – Wood can be brittle under heat exposure. Prevent the crack by wiping the surface with coconut oil.

188. Clean Guitar Strings – Guitar strings can be wiped using coconut oil to make it shiny, remove dust, prevent moisture and hence, avoid rusting.

189. Remove Hard Grease – Hard grease may stick to our hands after maintenance work. Rub it with coconut oil first before washing using thick soap and water.

190. Avoid Snow From Sticking to the Satellite Dish – During winter season, always make sure to pour coconut oil on the satellite dish to avoid snow sticking there.

191. Get Rid of Ants – Oily surfaces are not conducive for ants to build homes, hence urging them to move elsewhere.

192. Remove Spiders from Home – Spiders will not feel welcomed if the wall has the smell of coconut oil.

193. Kill Cockroach – By spraying the coconut oil, you will slowly kill the cockroach as the oil layer is covering its spiracle.

194. Cat Litter Tray – Pour a layer of coconut oil on the litter tray before a sheet of newspaper and then the litter, sand to allow the litter being removed easily.

195. Get Rid of Soap Scum – Remove soap scum on cooking utensils and wash basin by rubbing the oil with rough sponge.

196. Remove Chewing Gum – An accident happens when someone prank you with fresh chewing gum. Surprise him with coconut oil by gently rubbing the chewing gum with the oil and thus, you do not have to cut your nice hair.

197. Lubricant – Coconut oil also being used as lubricant in many purposes such as for toy parts and hinges.

198. Leather Polish – Coconut oil can be used as leather polish to improve the appearance of your furniture.

199. Metal Polish – To polish metal such as home decorative items, the metal surface with coconut oil. The shine will remain longer like new stuff.

200. Wood Polish – Just in case you need to polish wood furniture, always remember to use coconut oil to make it shiny! In fact, it is a great alternative for damp cloth to clean the dust since moisture in damp cloth will encourage the development of fungi.

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